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Bright Internet

Bright Internet Will be the Next Generation of Internet

What is the Bright Internet?

The Bright Internet aims to establish a safe Internet platform which can preventively identify and eliminate the malicious anonymous origins of global cybercrimes and terrors. Nevertheless, the Bright Internet also aims to maintain the freedom of expression and privacy protection which may be infringed by the preventive measures.
To achieve these conflicting goals, the Bright Internet adopts five essential principles (Principles of Origin Responsibility, Deliverer Responsibility, Identifiable Anonymity, Global Collaborative Search, and Privacy Protection) and Internet Peace Principle [1].

Research for the Bright Internet studies the validity of principles and designs systems and technologies that can fulfill the conflicting goals effectively and efficiently [2]. The design spectrum of the Bright Internet encompasses technologies and standards, laws and policies, and international collaboration and global governance structure. The research of Bright Internet also attempts to develop business models so that the goals can be realized by market driven motivations with minimal governmental and global regulations.

Objective of Bright Internet Global Summit

The Bright Internet Global Summit (BIG Summit) is a global forum of exchanging the vision and research outcomes on various issues of the Bright Internet. It is also a channel to derive agreements among stakeholders and member countries for mutual benefits which cannot be realized by a single country alone.
Stakeholders include researchers, research institutions, business leaders and practitioners, government agencies, legislators, and international organizations.
Through discussions and agreements reached at the BIG Summit, an international organization, Bright Internet Global Governance (BIGG), will be eventually established in order to support the operation of the Bright Internet and officialize the global common agreement.

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Bright Internet Road Map

1 Shin, Young Yung, Jae Kyu Lee and Myung Chul Kim, Preventing State-led Cyberattacks by the Bright Internet and Internet Peach Principles, Forthcoming in Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2017
2 Lee, Jae Kyu, Daegon Choi, and Gyoo Gun Lim, “Design and Validation of Bright Internet”, Forthcoming in Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2017

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